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CAFA stands for Council of Asia Pacific Furniture Associations. It's the value network of the like-minded associations in the region. Together We Move Forward is the theme we have set our mind in leading CAFA in this term. Our member association can send their information to us to include in the website. This is the attempt to share and make our CAFA world a little smaller.

CABC Speech in Xianghe 2014 :


Xu Ningning,Executive President of CABC,Speech in Xianghe :

April 29th, 2014 Xianghe Furniture Industry International Promotion was held in Xianghe in China. Xu Ningning, Executive president of CABC (China-ASEAN Business Council), was invited to the meeting. Xu suggested that the Chinese furniture enterprises should seize business of CAFTA (China-ASEAN Free Trade Area). read...


CAFA Directory 2012 :



The 2011 CAFA annual genaral meeting was held on 17 December 2011 in LeCong, GuangDong, China. A total of 25 delegates represting CAFA's various member-associations attended the meeting. read...


CAFA Newsletter :

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