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2017 Asian Furniture Development and Cooperation (Longjiang) Summit held successfully

  On 17th March 2017, 2017 Asian Furniture Development and Cooperation Summit was hold in Longjiang, Guangdong, China. This event organized by Council of Asian furniture Associations, China National Furniture Association, Shunde District People's Government, Shunde Longjiang People's Government. Co-sponsored by Foshan City furnishing materials Chamber of Commerce and Shunde Furniture Association. Guests reportedly include: Chairman of CAFA, President of CNFA, Mr. Zhu Changling. Secretary General of CAFA and Vice Secretary General of CNFA, Ms. Linda Tu Qi. Mayor of Longjiang People's Government , Mr. He Chunyun. Deputy secretary of Party Committee, Mr. Liang Liuyu. President of Shunde District Furniture Association, Mr. Mei Rongneng. Representatives of CAFA members. Representatives of Chinese province Furniture Association, and Asian company representatives.

  Chairman of CAFA, President of CNFA, Mr. Zhu Changling made a speech, he hope that through this meeting, summed up industry opportunities and challenges to promote business exchanges, deepen multilateral cooperation, enhance the level of cooperation, promote the Asian furniture trade and industry development.

  Secretary-General of CAFA, Vice Secretary-General of CNFA, Ms. Linda Tu Qi chaired the meeting.

  Mayor of Longjiang People's Government, Mr. He Chunyun spoke at the meeting, he hoped to continue to strengthen cooperation with CAFA to promote the Longjiang furniture industry, internationalization and modernization, and promote the continuous development of regional economy.

  Vice chairman of CAFA and vice president of Thai Furniture Industries Association, Mr. Jirawat Tangkijngamwong made a speech, he combined with the latest design work at the 2017 Thai Furniture Fair, describes how Asian design is integrated and exploits the international market.

   Vice Chairman of CAFA and Vice President of Malaysian Furniture Council (MFC),Mr. Sunny Ter made a speech about "China and Malaysia Furniture Industry Cooperation Prospects". He introduced that there are 98% of Malaysian furniture enterprises are operated by Chinese. The cooperation has a natural advantage between China and Malay furniture industry. The two industries have great development space in exhibition, OEM and O2O.

  Chairman of All Pakistan Furniture Makers Association (APFMA), Mr. Ali Ansar Ghumman gave a lecture on his strengths and responsibilities in the furniture industry as a young entrepreneur, and he expressed the hope that the exchange between Pakistan and China in the furniture industry would be enhanced.

  Chairman of Shunde District Furniture Association, Mr. Mei Rongneng spoke at the meeting. He introduced there are more than 7,000 home materials in Shunde, more than 3,000 production enterprises in the government and the community's support, the local large household industry has been continuously improved, brand influence will continue to improve.

  China National Furniture Association and the Longjiang People's Government signed a strategic cooperation agreement to determine the two sides will continue to enhance exchanges and cooperation, and jointly promote regional industrial development.

  The summit has made a good effect for the exchange and cooperation between China and the Asian furniture industry.

  During the same period, the Asian Furniture Industry (Longjiang) Cooperation Conference was held. Representatives from Asian furniture enterprises and Shunde undertook business talks to promote the trade and docking cooperation of Asian furniture enterprises, and spoke highly of the representatives of various enterprises and local governments.

  At the summit of the red carpet ceremony, the chairman of provinces Furniture Association and CAFA posed for pictures with Mr. Zhu Changling and Mr.He Chunyun.


  At the banquet, Ms. Linda Tu Qi on behalf of CAFA exchange gifts with Secretary of Longjiang Town People's Government Party, Mr. Liang Weipei and Mayor He Chunyun. CAFA and Longjiang People's Government will maintain close cooperation between the two sides to promote industrial development.

  The summit set up a time tunnel display area, focused on the Longjiang furniture industry.

  On March 17th, the 33rd International Dragon Furniture Fair, the 23rd Asian International Furniture Fair opened. The guests from CAFA, CNFA, province Furniture Association participated in the opening ceremony and visited the exhibition.



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