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CAFA 37th Directors' Meeting held in Dongguan

  CAFA 37th Directors' Meeting was held in Dongguan on March 15th, 2017. Guests reportedly include: Chairman of CAFA, Mr. Zhu Changling. Secretary General of CAFA, Ms. Linda Tu Qi.  Vice Chairman of CAFA, Mr. Jirawat Tangkijngamwong and Mr. Sunny Ter. Advisor of CAFA, Ms. Koh Sok Yan and Mr. Casey Loo. Representatives from China, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Pakistan, Indonesia, the Philippines, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions.

The meeting site

  Mr. Zhu Changling made several key works in 2017. He said CAFA should continue to promote the exchange in new products, new designs, new trends, and promote Asian countries and Chinese furniture trade. He also suggested that establish the Asian regional common furniture standards in the future.
Chairman of CAFA, Mr. Zhu Changling

  Secretary General of CAFA, Ms. Linda Tu Qi presided over the meeting and had the Secretariat report.
Secretary General of CAFA, Ms. Linda Tu Qi

  The meeting decided the Council members of CAFA in 2017-2018, Ms. Linda Tu Qi as the Secretary General, Mr. Jirawat Tangkijngamwong and Mr. Sunny Ter as the Vice Chairman, Ms. Koh Sok Yan and Dr. Casey Loo as Advisors. At the meeting, Hong Kong Furniture & Decoration Trade Association, Taiwan Furniture Chambers of Commerce, Japan Sunmore Furniture joined CAFA to become new members.
  All members discussed the work of CAFA in 2017, exchanged work experience, decided that continue to focus on Asian policy and market changes, strengthen communication, enhance cooperation and jointly promote the prosperity and development of furniture industry in Asia.

Vice chairman of CAFA, vice president of Thai Furniture Industries Association(TFA),Mr. Jirawat Tangkijngamwong

Vice Chairman of CAFA, Vice President of Malaysian Furniture Council (MFC),Mr. Sunny Ter

Advisor of CAFA, Ms. Koh Sok Yan

Advisor of CAFA, Mr. Casey Loo

Vice president of Dongguan Famous Furniture Association (3F), Mr. Fang Runzhong

Vice president of Malaysian Furniture Council (MFC), Mr. Nelson Tan

Committee member of MFC, Mr. Albert Khoo

Exco Member of Singapore Furniture Association(SFA), Mr. Tee Ooi Koh

Director of Thai Furniture Industries Association(TFA), Mr. Maitri Prasertchang

Chairman of All Pakistan Furniture Exporters Association(APFEA), Mr. Asif Jabbar Khan

Director of APFEA, Mr. Farrukh Saeed Ansari

Chairman of All Pakistan Furniture Makers Association(APFMA), Mr. Ali Ansar Ghumman

Secretary General of Indonesian Furniture and Craft Industry Association(HIMKI), Mr. Basuki Kurniawan

Managing Director of Chamber of Furniture Industries of the Philippines (CFIP), Mr. Salvio L. Valenzuela

President of Taiwan Furniture Chambers of Commerce(TFCC), Mr. Chen Tailiang

Secretary General of TFCC, Mr. Huang Zhijie

Vice Chairman of Hong Kong Furniture & Decoration Trade Association LTD.(HKFA),Mr. Ng Chi Wai

Administration Manager of Shanghai Sunmore Furniture, Ms. Chen Yiyi

Advisor of Shanghai Sunmore Furniture,Mr. Xu Meijun

Participants photos

  CAFA representatives have visited Dongguan city Coomo Furnishings Co., LTD., Nanxing Machinery Co., LTD. and Famous Furnishings Expo Park.

Visited Dongguan city Coomo Furnishings Co., LTD.

Visited Nanxing Machinery Co., LTD.

Visited Famous Furnishings Expo Park



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