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CAFA 20th Annual General Meeting Hold in Iran

  December 14, 2016, CAFA 19th Annual General Meeting held in Tehran, Iran. Representatives of national associations attended the event. The meeting organized by CAFA, hosted by Iran National Council of Furniture & Decoration & Correlated Industries(NCFDC).

  The meeting was attended: Chairman of Council of Asia Furniture Associations(CAFA), President of China National Furniture Association (CNFA), Mr. Zhu Changling. Secretary General of CAFA, Vice Secretary-General of CNFA, Ms. Linda Tu. Advisor of CAFA, Ms. Koh Sok Yan. Advisor of CAFA, Mr. Casey Loo. Vice chairman of CAFA, vice president of Thai Furniture Industries Association(TFA),Mr. Jirawat Tangkijngamwong. Director of TFA, Mr. Maitri Prasertchang. Secretary General of Iran National Council of Furniture & Decoration & Correlated Industries(NCFDC) Mr. Mozaffar Alikhani. Chairman of All Pakistan Furniture Exporters Association(APFEA), Mr. Asif Jabbar Khan. Vice Chairman of APFEA, Mr. Farrukh Saeed Ansari. Chairman of All Pakistan Furniture Makers Association(APFMA), Mr. Ali Ansar Ghumman. Vice Chairman of APFMA, Mr. Muhammad Afzal. Vice Chairman of Indonesia Furniture Industry& Handicraft Association(ASMINDO), Mr. Rudy T. Luwia. Managing Director of Chamber of Furniture Industries of the Philippines (CFIP), Mr. Salvio L. Valenzuela, Jr.. Vice chairman of Indonesian Furniture and Craft Industry Association(HIMKI), Mr. Abdul Sobur. Vice Secretary-General of HIMKI, Ms. Mahfirotika Wahyu. Secretary-General of Korea Federation of Furniture Industry Cooperatives(KFFIC), Mr. James Yang. Vice Chairman of Malaysian Furniture Council(MFC),Mr. Jamaludin bin Che Murad. Director of MFC, Mr. Albert Khoo. Secretary-General of Association of Turkish Furniture Manufacturers(MOSDER), Mr. Mosder Abdullah. Director of Singapore Furniture Association(SFA), Mr. Esmaeil Molazadeh Asli Kesh. Vice Secretary-General of SFA, Ms. Julie Neo. Vice President of Dongguan Famous Furniture Association(3F), Mr. Fang Runzhong.

Chairman of CAFA, President of CNFA, Mr. Zhu Changling
Secretary General of CAFA, Vice Secretary-General of CNFA, Ms. Linda Tu

Advisor of CAFA, Ms. Koh Sok Yan
Advisor of CAFA, Mr. Casey Loo
Vice chairman of CAFA, vice president of TFA,Mr. Jirawat Tangkijngamwong

Secretary General of NCFDC,Mr. Mozaffar Alikhani
Director of TFA, Mr. Maitri Prasertchang
Chairman of APFEA, Mr. Asif Jabbar Khan
Vice Chairman of APFEA, Mr. Farrukh Saeed Ansari
Chairman of APFMA, Mr. Ali Ansar Ghumman
Vice Chairman of APFMA, Mr. Muhammad Afzal
Vice Chairman of ASMINDO, Mr. Rudy T. Luwia
Vice chairman of HIMKI, Mr. Abdul Sobur
Vice Secretary-General of HIMKI, Ms. Mahfirotika Wahyu
Managing Director of CFIP, Mr. Salvio L. Valenzuela, Jr
Secretary-General of KFFIC, Mr. James Yang
Vice Chairman of MFC, Mr. Jamaludin bin Che Murad
Director of MFC, Mr. Albert Khoo
Secretary-General of MOSDER, Mr. Mosder Abdullah
Director of SFA, Mr. Esmaeil Molazadeh Asli Kesh
Vice Secretary-General of SFA, Ms. Julie Neo
Vice President of 3F, Mr. Fang Runzhong
Mr. Zhu Changling reviewed the main events of CAFA in the past two years. We held three CAFA Directors' Meetings(34th,35th,36th ) and two Work Meetings(Xianghe & Chengdu), two CAFA Annual General Meeting (19th & 20th) in Longjiang and Tehran. We held the 1st Asian Furniture Development Forum, the 1st Asian International Furniture Exhibition (Nanning) and the 2nd Asian International Furniture Exhibition (Nanning). Secretariat visit some of CAFA members (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand), to discuss the Asian furniture industry cooperation. Organize Asian furniture industry cooperation Conference (Xianghe, Nanning & Shenzhen), to promote China's furniture industry cooperation with Asian countries. Developing members actively, increase CAFA members to 18.

He thanked CAFA for its confidence in CNFA, and honored to continue as CAFA chairman. He made recommendations for CAFA's work over the next two years. He expressed the hope that CAFA will continue to play a role in promoting trade and exchange between Asian furniture enterprises and enhance the voice of Asia in the world. Through CAFA's work in various countries, the CAFA will continue to deepen enterprise information services, To provide trade opportunities for various countries to help different countries to continue to develop; to strengthen the standardization of Asian countries to enhance the work of Asia in the international standardization of the status; to strengthen the global furniture industry communication and integration into the global furniture industry structure.

Secretary General of CAFA, Vice Secretary General of CNFA, Ms. Linda Tu presided over the meeting and do the Secretariat report. As the CAFA Secretariat, CNFA has done a great deal of work in the past two years. Through the China National Furniture Association official website, WeChat, microblogging, magazines and other channels, to Chinese enterprises on CAFA, to promote business exchanges in Asia.

Mr. Mozaffar Alikhani, Secretary General of NCFDC, presented the trailer to the delegates of the Federation of Iranian Furniture Decoration Industries, the DECO International Conference and the work done in the CAFA. He thanked CAFA for hosting the 20th Annual Conference in Iran, which is of great significance to promote the trade and exchange between Iranian furniture enterprises and Asian countries.

CAFA members shared the furniture industry data, introduced the national furniture industry, furniture exhibition, furniture market, the latest developments. Members suggested that we should continue to strengthen the CAFA website construction, strengthen the media and other media publicity, timely sharing of national information to promote exchanges in the Asian industry, play the role of national associations in their countries, to facilitate trade between members to facilitate and technical support.

The meeting concluded that two Indonesian associations were members of the CAFA, with Asmindo as Charter and HIMKI as Associate.




The conference summed up CAFA's two years' work experience and discussed the work direction of CAFA in the next two years. The meeting further strengthened CAFA's cohesion and expanded CAFA's influence in Asia's furniture industry.

  CAFA members visited the Iranian Furniture History Museum to learn about the history of Iranian furniture.

On the afternoon of the 14th, representatives from the Asian furniture industry associations and enterprises, and the Iranian furniture industry enterprises docking exchange activities, representatives of countries to carry out in-depth exchanges and communication for the Iranian furniture trade has played a significant role in promoting .

December 15, CAFA countries and business representatives to the Iranian TAT Group to build the IRAN MALL study tour.

TAT Group is a Holding Company which consists of several distinct thriving areas of business. The growing markets of Iran with their rising speed, alongside with the outstanding geographical and cultural environment of the country, provides highly distinguished opportunities for the brand owners to commence a lucrative and profitable business in Iran.

As the developer of Iran Mall and also as an active hotel developer, IMCC is one of the subsidiaries of TAT Group. This well-established company with a top-notch provision of essential data on the features of Iran's market, including, the consumer's habits, favors and demands; the data is all an outcome of expert studies in technical, legal, management, and commercial fields so all the remarkable ideas would turn into lucrative and cost-effective plans and results.

Iran Mall is an attractive complex that utilizes the most modern technical facilities and building technologies, and is expected to serve a population of over 16 million. One of the key goals behind this prestigious development is to provide the young Iranian population with entertainment, welfare and commercial centers.



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