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Asian Furniture Industry Cooperation Conference(Nanning & Shenzhen) were successfully held

  On September 11 and 13, 2016, the Asian Furniture Industry Cooperation Conference(Nanning) and the Asian Furniture Industry Cooperation Conference(Shenzhen) were successfully held. Respectively in the China South City • HOBA(Nanning) expo center, China South City • HOBA (Shenzhen) expo center for a series of activities. The activities organized by the Council of Asian Furniture Associations (CAFA), hosted by China South City and HOBA.
  On the afternoon of September 11, Chairman of Council of Asia Furniture Associations(CAFA), President of China National Furniture Association (CNFA), Mr. Zhu Changling was invited to attend the Opening Ceremony of the 13th China-ASEAN Expo Light Industry Exhibition in 2016. Members of CAFA visited the China-ASEAN Expo Light Industry Exhibition.

  Subsequently, the Asian Furniture Industry Cooperation Conference (Nanning) held in China South City • HOBA(Nanning) expo center. From the Asian countries, the furniture industry associations and business representatives gathered together with HOBA(Nanning) on the direction of cooperation in a lively discussion.

  The meeting was chaired by Ms. Tu Qi, Secretary-General of CAFA and Deputy Secretary-General of CNFA.

  At the Conference site, representatives of all parties conducted in-depth negotiations.
  On September 13, the Asia Furniture Industry Cooperation Conference (Shenzhen) was held in China South City • HOBA(Shenzhen) expo center.
        Ms. Tu Qi, secretary-general of CAFA and deputy secretary-general of CNFA. Mr. Feng Xinghang, president of China South City Group. Mr. Han Maosheng, chairman of HOBA Group. Mr. Lin Shaohua, vice president of HOBA Group. As well as representatives from CAFA , India carpet handmade association and so on more than 100 association leaders and the enterprise representative attended this cooperation conference. The event also received the Shenzhen Longgang TV, Shenzhen Special Zone Daily, Southern Metropolis Daily, Shenzhen Satellite TV, Phoenix Radio, Soufun, Sina home, Tencent home network Guangdong, Shenzhen, News media and industry media attention and support.


  HOBA Group vice president Mr.Lin Shaohua delivered the welcoming speech. He recalled his visit to the four countries in Southeast Asia experience, thanks to a good hundred years of self-management concept of the Group recognized by national associations. He said that the next good century Group will continue to work with more countries, furniture business sincere cooperation and common development.


  Mr. Feng Xinghang, president of China South City Group, in his speech he affirmed the business strength of the HOBA Group. As the China South City and HOBA(Shenzhen) the second stop of the national promotion project, HOBA(Shenzhen) Building Materials Expo Center will receive greater support from the China South City Group, strive to build a better platform for Asian furniture companies, and promote the upgrading of Shenzhen home industry innovation.

  Ms.Tu Qi, secretary-general of CAFA and deputy secretary-general of CNFA, affirmed the development plan and business model for HOBA. And CAFA will do its utmost to make efforts for the development of Asian furniture industry.

  CAFA representatives with HOBA Group leaders visited the HOBA(Shenzhen) Building Materials Expo Center and Shenzhen China South City, have in-depth exchange and communication about  enterprises stationed in HOBA(Shenzhen) Building Materials Expo Center.

  In September 13th, the Shenzhen Cooperation Conference site, Malaysian Furniture Council(MFC), Indonesian Furniture and Craft Industry Association(HIMKI), All Pakistan Furniture Exporters Association(APFEA), All Pakistan Furniture Makers Association(APFMA), Thai Furniture Industries Association(TFA), Chamber of Furniture Industries of the Philippines(CFIP), has determine signed contract with HOBA(Shenzhen) to settled in China South City • HOBA(Shenzhen) international home building materials Expo Center.
  The success of these two cooperation conference, the Asian Furniture Industry Cooperation Conference (Nanning & Shenzhen), and series of activities is the first time that CAFA has introduced the Asian furniture brand into the Chinese market, which has become an important platform for Asian countries to exchange and exchange products with each other. HOBA Group, as well-known Chinese home building materials circulation enterprises, to this event as the basis, will continue to strengthen its important position in the country, the enterprise internationalization level to a new peak.



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