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CAFA 36th Directors' Meeting was hold in Nanning

  CAFA 36th Directors' Meeting held in Nanning in Sep 12th, 2016. Organized by CNFA(the Secretariat of CAFA), hosted by China South City Group, HOBA Group.

  The meeting was attended: Chairman of Council of Asia Furniture Associations(CAFA), President of China National Furniture Association (CNFA), Mr. Zhu Changling. Secretary-General of CAFA, vice Secretary-General of CNFA, Ms. Tu Qi.  Advisor of CAFA, Ms. Koh Sok Yan and Mr. Casey Loo. Vice chairman of CAFA, vice president of Thai Furniture Industries Association(TFA),Mr. Jirawat Tangkijngamwong. Chairman of Malaysian Furniture Council(MFC),Mr. Chua Chun Chai. Vice chairman of MFC, Mr. Sunny Ter.  Vice chairman of Indonesian Furniture and Craft Industry Association(HIMKI), Mr. Abdul Sobur. Vice Secretary-General of HIMKI, Mr. Basuki Kurniawan. First Vice President of Singapore Furniture Association(SFA), Mr. Paul Keng. Chairman of All Pakistan Furniture Exporters Association(APFEA), Mr. Farrukh Saeed Ansari. Chairman of All Pakistan Furniture Makers Association(APFMA), Mr. Ali Ansar Ghumman. Director of Iran National Council of Furniture & Decoration & Correlated Industries(NCFDC),Mr. Bijan Shiri. Secretary-General of Korea Federation of Furniture Industry Cooperative(KFFIC), Mr. James Yang. Chairman of Korea Furniture Association(KOFA)Mr. Ko Joong Hwan. Secretary-General of KOFA, Mr. Lee Cion. VP- Finance of Chamber of Furniture Industries of the Philippines(CFIP),Ms. Nelly T. Ledesma. Also members from CAFA and business representatives had attended.

  Mr. Zhu Changling reviewed the main events of CAFA in the past two years. He suggested CAFA to strengthen communication with the global furniture industry, into the global furniture industry structure. Communicate with representatives about the future development of CAFA, focusing on the how to organization CAFA's 20th annual general meeting and the establishment of the Youth Committee of Council of Asia Furniture Associations.

  Secretary-General of CAFA, Vice Secretary-General of CNFA, Ms. Tu Qi presided over the meeting and do the Secretariat report. The report reviews the main activities and work carried out by 2015-2016, the collection of contributions, and the status of membership development.
Advisor of CAFA, Ms. Koh Sok Yan
Advisor of CAFA, Mr. Casey Loo
Vice chairman of CAFA, Vice president of TFA, Mr. Jirawat Tangkijngamwong
Chairman of MFC, Mr. Chua Chun Chai
Vice chairman of MFC, Mr. Sunny Ter
Vice Chairman of HIMKI, Mr. Abdul Sobur
Head of Foreign Affairs of HIMKI,Ms Regina Imelda Kindangen introduced HIMKI and the Indonesian furniture industry.
Young entrepreneurs of Indonesia furniture industry, Mr. Erick speak for the establishment of YCCAFA decision.
First Vice President of SFA, Mr. Paul Keng actively endorsed the activities carried out in the past two years CAFA, and the topics of the meeting were described.
Vice Chairman of APFEA, Mr. Farrukh Saeed Ansari
As a new member of CAFA, Chairman of APFMA, Mr. Ali Ansar Ghumman introduced the development of Pakistan Furniture Manufacturers Association and the local furniture industry.
From left to right:Director of NCFDC,Mr. Bijan Shiri,International Affairs consultant of NCFDC,Ms Afsaneh Seifinaji,Wood and furniture export manager of NCFDC,Ms. Tabassom Tahmasebnezami.
Secretary-General of KFFIC, Mr. James Yang
Chairman of KOFA, Mr. Ko Joong Hwan
Secretary-General of KOFA, Mr. Lee Cion
Vice President in Finance of CFIP, Ms. Nelly T. Ledesma elaborated on the development of Philippines furniture industry and conference topics.
Vice President of TFA,Mr. Jirawat Tangkijngamwong presented Chairman of CAFA, Mr.Zhu Changling with Thailand crafts.
Vice Chairman of APFEA, Mr. Farrukh Saeed Ansari and Chairman of APFMA, Mr. Ali Ansar Ghumman presented Chairman of CAFA, Mr.Zhu Changling with Pakistan crafts.

  This meeting is an important conference held by CNFA since it was the president of CAFA. Summed up those two years' work experience and discussed the work direction of CAFA in the future. The meeting further strengthened CAFA's cohesion and expanded CAFA's influence in Asia's furniture industry.



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